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It is impossible to avoid risks completely, but you can plan for them and be prepared when they occur.

How can my organization efficiently asses risks, mitigate them, and manage them with minimal effort with the help of DNA?                                                                    


Tasks and meetings

With DNA you never lose track over the progress of what has to be done and how your coworkers’ work is progressing.

How can DNA help me avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, lead productive meetings and assure all employees’ proposals will be heard?                                                                     

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Living with processes

Even though we may not think often about it, every activity we perform is a process. The difference between first-rate organizations and all the others is that the former realize that and work on optimizing and standardizing their processes.

Easy process survey

DNA offers an effective way of drawing processes inside your organization. Perhaps you are not an expert of process approach? No big deal, we are, and we would be glad to assist you.

Clear steps on the path to the finish

For every step in the process, there is a clear depiction of who is in charge of executing it, what the necessary documentation or equipment is, along with a clear and concise description. With all of that, the successful completion of a task is only a matter of time.

The world standard

All business processes are drawn with compliance to a world-wide recognized standard BPMN 2.0.

Don't fear risks, expect them and take control!

Risks are an unavoidable part of everyday life – for people as well as organizations. It is impossible to avoid them completely, but you can plan for them and be prepared when they occur.
Risk severity

Each organization and every business process can be affected by different risks. DNA enables you to easily categorize these risks in a way that is unique to your way of doing business, and market.

Anticipating and reacting correctly

In DNA, all risks relate to processes – each process contains a documentation of possible risks, their severity, when and how often they are likely to occur, as well as how to address and handle them. This way, every employee knows exactly how to proceed in the case of having lost a market, competitor’s actions, customer’s payment evasion, etc.

Don’t adjust yourself to standards, adjust the standards to yourself

DNA gives you a clear and up-to-date overview of models and standards with which you need to stay compliant. Furthermore, DNA makes it possible for you to adjust models and standards to the way you do business.

Simply compliant

Are you still adjusting yourself to different standards and models? Are you swamped by unnecessary work before every audit or inspection by your customers? Does your internal rulebook contain clauses simply because a standard requires it to? With the help of DNA, you can leave such problems in the past.

Automate compliance

Do you keep track of all the controls manually? Have you ever missed or forgot about a deadline of an important control, only to be reminded of it by auditors? This can’t happen if you use DNA since the task of creating reports can be automated.

Processes with built-in compliance

Are all the different standards’ requirements making you feel overwhelmed? Do you keep descriptions of requirements in plain and boring documents? Are your employees not familiar with all the necessary requirements? DNA simplifies this by displaying requirements where they matter – in your processes.

The most effective way to manage your documents

Do not lose oversight over all the documents in your organization

The right document is only a couple of clicks away

DNA implements a comprehensive system for document management, no matter where in the document’s lifecycle the document is – from its creation all the way to archive.

For your eyes only

DNA has a built-in security policy that enables a simple and reliable right management and works equally well for groups of documents or a single document.

World standards

Document management in DNA is compliant with recognized standards, including (but not limited to) ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO27001.

Never lose track over the progress of what has to be done and how your coworkers’ work is progressing

Every team finds a way of accomplishing their goals that works for them, which is why you can mirror your organization’s workflow in DNA. To get you started, DNA comes with a couple of best practice workflows built-in.

Never miss another deadline again

Actions with approaching deadlines are displayed immediately upon logging in – no extra clicks required.

Simple task scheduling

Most important tasks are clearly differentiated from all the others, so you don’t have to lose time thinking which one should be next.

Always in the loop

Each action has a special section for progress reports – so you do not have to continuously call or email your co-workers about the current progress.

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