Don't fear risks, expect them and take control!

Risks are an unavoidable part of everyday life – for people as well as organizations. It is impossible to avoid them completely, but you can plan for them and be prepared when they occur.

Systematic and adaptive risk assessment

Every organization and every business process contain some inherent risks. DNA enables you to categorize these risks in a way that is unique to your market and way of doing business.

DNA offers an overview of important risks relevant to your organization. More than just being able to see the risks, DNA has a built-in methodology for assessing risks. You can add or modify scales for assessing risk impact and probabilities.

ISO compliant risk management

DNA supports risk management that is compliant with many of the standards from the ISO standards family (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001). ISO standards require organizations to recognize and address important risks and opportunities in order to minimize potential negative fallout. Organizations must prepare an action plan for managing important risks and opportunities – a task, that becomes a lot more simple and user friendly with the help of DNA.

Mitigating risks

In DNA, all risks relate to processes – each process contains documentation of possible risks, their severity, when and how often they are likely to occur, as well as how to address and handle them. This way, every employee knows exactly how to proceed in the case of having lost a market, competitor’s actions, customer’s payment evasion, etc.

In an effort to improve risk prevention, mitigation, and elimination even further, DNA also links risks with a system for creating and collecting proposals and actions.

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