NETS is a licensed company for the implementation of international training and consulting according to the EFQM model.

The model is the basis of the Business Excellence Strategy 2018-2030 (pdf).

The EFQM model is in the Recommendations and Expectations of the Slovenian State Holding (page 16), otherwise the method of work is the basis for the Recognition of the Republic of Slovenia for business excellence - PRSPO.

The result of the workshops at each level is the Management document, which contains proposals for the sustainable operation of the organisation.

The work takes place in the application DNA EXCELLENCE, with the help of mentors who are highly qualified EAT licensees, with experience in evaluating and preparing a management document.

All workshops are comprehensively led by Uroš Gunčar, MA, who is a coach with all licences, and the company NETS is the only organisation in Slovenia that has an international licence for consulting and coaching. He is an international evaluator.

He leads workshops at three levels BASIC, ADVANCED and AWARD. The work is carried out according to the RADAR Matrix.

It differs in the number of approaches, as BASIC includes 25 approaches, ADVANCED 50 approaches, and the AWARD is a preparation for the application for the Award of the Republic of Slovenia for Business Excellence – PRSPO.