NETS EXCELLENCE CERTIFICATES are based on the cooperation of NETS as an EFQM partner organisation according to the new model, holders of a licence for training and consulting in Slovenia in cooperation with SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency.


The self-assessment level is suitable for organisations that have already performed their EFQM self-assessment at the BASIC level and want to deepen their knowledge of the model and upgrade their EFQM 2020 self-assessment.

The objective is for the organisation to define all its approaches and results within the individual criteria of the EFQM model, which operates on the principle of sustainable solutions, and at the same time evaluate them according to individual elements of RADAR. An important objective is to identify the strengths and opportunities of the organisation, which indicate where the organisation should improve.

The level is designed so that 2 or 3 organisations can participate in the workshops at the same time, which can exchange their good practices with each other during the workshops. Thereby they learn from each other. They don't have to be organisations from the same branch. Guidelines in the form of good practices are given at the level of an individual criterion of the EFQM model. Approaches and results are given and later evaluated at the criterion level. The assessment of approaches and results within the criteria is given according to the elements of RADAR.


"CERTIFICATE ADVANCED" was awarded to the following organizations: