Simplex – Creativity and Innovation

By using the Simplex system, companies achieved a more than 50% increase in efficiency of already known methods for process improvement, such as Six Sigma and Lean. Simplex is not just a system for generating new ideas, it covers the best ways to actualize them as well. Let the Simplex System become a part of your everyday work, so it will be easier for your organization to keep your competitive edge.

Coordinated integration

The power of Simplex system is in connection ability, creative problem-solving process and style (Profile) of employees.

The ability

Creative and analytical thinking (knowing when to use them and not to mix them with each other).

The process

Creative problem solving: includes three phases and mainly differs from the already known methods by actively seeking and defining new problems and challenges, and a large percentage of those being realized.


Styles (Profiles) of employees who work together to find innovative solutions. The most effective groups are ones that combine all four basic profiles.

Everyone has their own combination of creative styles.

All four sections are equally important to the process of creative problem solving.


Creates opportunities in the form of a series of new problems and opportunities.


Creates possibilities in understanding the problems and opportunities and good ideas for solving them.


Creates opportunities by translating ideas into practical solutions and establishing an effective plan for introduction of solutions.


Creates opportunities in the form of actions that give a result and gets the others to implement changes or new ideas.