NETS EXCELLENCE CERTIFICATES are based on the cooperation of NETS as an EFQM partner organisation according to the new model, holders of a licence for training and consulting in Slovenia in cooperation with SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency.

AWARD level

It is suitable for organisations that have already performed their self-assessment at the ADVANCED level and want to apply for the PRSPO (The Award of the Republic of Slovenia for Business Excellence) or the Global Award.

The objective is for the organisation to further deepen its knowledge of the model, find additional comparisons with the best organisations in the world, and verify its connection to sustainable goals. Identify all proposed approaches and results within the individual sub-criteria of the EFQM model and evaluate them according to the individual attributes of the RADAR elements (as assessed under the PRSPO).

The level is designed so that there is usually one company in the workshops. Guidelines in the form of good practices are given at the level of the individual sub-criteria of the EFQM model. Approaches and results are given and later evaluated at a level below the criteria. The assessment of approaches and results within the sub-criteria is given by sub-elements of RADAR.