Don’t adjust yourself to standards, adjust the standards to yourself

DNA gives you a clear and up-to-date overview of models and standards with which you need to stay compliant. Furthermore, DNA makes it possible for you to adjust models and standards to the way you do business.

Simply compliant

Are you still adjusting yourself to different standards and models? Are you swamped by unnecessary work before every audit or inspection by your customers? Does your internal rulebook contain clauses simply because a standard requires it to?

With the help of DNA, you can leave problems like this in the past. You don’t have to adjust your organization to standards, you can simply adjust models and standards to yourself. DNA also gives you a clear and up-to-date overview of all the models and standards with which you need to stay compliant.

Automate compliance

Do you keep track of all the controls manually? Have you ever missed or forgot about a deadline of an important control, only to be reminded of it by auditors?

This can’t happen if you use DNA. Creating reports with DNA can be automated: based on a predetermined schedule, DNA will remind the person in charge to create a report or, to take things a step further, create a report automatically.

Processes with built-in compliance

Are all the different standards’ requirements making you feel overwhelmed? Do you keep descriptions of requirements in plain and boring documents? Are your employees not familiar with all the necessary requirements?

DNA simplifies this by displaying requirements where they matter – in your processes.

Who is staying compliant with the help of DNA?

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