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Don't lose oversight over all of the documents in your organization.

An effective way of familiarizing with documents

Does tracking who received the right document, who can access it, and who must familiarize themselves with it consume too much of your time? Do you use inefficient ways to share documents or are you notifying participants about any changes via email?

DNA gives you a powerful yet easy to use way to control the process of familiarization with the documents: people who need to see the document and familiarize themselves with it can be selected and set in seconds. You can just as easily select a specific person or a work place as you can a whole department. There is also a list showing who has already familiarized themselves with the document and who has yet to do so.  By using DNA, making sure that the correct people get the right information is as easy as a couple of clicks.

Don't waste time looking for minute changes

Just as our knowledge changes and expands through time, so does the information contained in documents. And just like with our knowledge, these changes happen gradually and over time. This leads to a problem: losing time looking for tiny changes and corrections in existing documents which we already familiarized ourselves with.

When using DNA, you don't have to waste time re-reading content you're already familiar with. Version control built into DNA clearly marks changes (additions, replacements, removals) made from the last version you're familiar with. Time needed to stay in the loop consequently shrinks to just a minute or two per week, saving us time that can be better used doing more meaningful and productive tasks.

Collective wisdom at your fingertips

All the information needed to successfully complete your work is at your disposal the moment you log in. There is no need to search multiple sources for the information you need; all the documents are in one place, logically organized and – where reasonable – linked with each other, and you can rest assured you're looking at the latest revision.

Simplify employee orientation and onboarding

Life and work are growing ever more complex, more nuanced, with a never-ending stream of on new information we have to process and study, if we don't want to fall behind. When a new coworker joins your team, they must catch up with a lot of information they'll need to successfully accomplish their goals.

The first time a new employee logs into DNA, they are presented with everything they need to know to excel at their work: all the documents they need to familiarize themselves with, tasks needed to be done, where in the grand scheme of the organization their work is placed etc.

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