NETS day 2020

We have successfully completed the 7th NETS day

Ready for the future: business excellence and systemic growth

Mojca Justin and Nataša Čebulj, PARADIŽ d. o. o.

The EFQM model allows us to see the whole, a holistic perspective, or a systemic understanding and functioning of the organization. An organization is a complex and organized system made up of individuals in a dynamic living world. Mojca Justin and Nataša Čebulj presented what organizational systems are: how we think and then also act systemically.


Presentation of the operation KOC AS

Aleksander Ključevšek, KOC AS/NETS

Competence center (KOC) for health and medicine went through a turbulent but successful year. In the last year, KOC took care of achieving set goals, helping our partners, organizing 6 joint trainings and already achieving half of the set inclusions for the duration of the entire project. At NETS, we also digitalized project management using DNA application. During the coronavirus epidemic, we provided several online trainings for our partners, which addressed the most current topics: coronavirus risk management in nursing homes, working conditions and effective communication between employees in crisis situations.


Presentation of the operation of business excellence in healthcare and a systems approach in the Basque Country

Fernando Sierra, Euskalit

Through a video confernce, the work of Euskalit and the importance of excellence was presented by our guest, expert in excellence, director of the Basque organization Euskalit Fernando Sierra. In the Basque Country, the recognition of excellence is at a much higher level than in Slovenia, and this is also reflected in the business performance of the companies there.


Operation according to the model of excellence

Gianluca Mulé, EFQM

Through a video conference, we were joined from Belgium by EFQM COO Gianluca Mulé, who presented the history of the business excellence model. The focus was on the latest version of the model, how it was developed and why it offers even more added value than previous versions.


Digitalisation in nursing homes

Alen Gril, Dom Dr. Janka Benedika Radovljica

In Dom dr. Janka Benedika Radovljica, the processes of reorganization of work has been going on for the whole of last year, all with the aim of optimizing the operation and implementation of professional and quality social care and nursing services. According to the director of the nursing home, Alen Gril, the quality system is being upgraded using a special application (DNA). It is fully digitalized and thus ensures complete control of demanding processes in this complex institution. At the same time, the intranet is being implemented in the nursing home, and consequently the establishment of a paperless administration.

Presentation of the new features of the DNA

Gašper Bregar, Janez Gunčar, Uroš Gunčar

Since the last day NETS, we have released 10 new versions, which in total contained more than 700 improvements, new functionalities and fixed bugs. We have developed many plug-ins for customers, with which DNA can be even better adapted to the needs of individual customers. In the future, versions will be smaller, more frequent and more focused on individual functionalities. Janez Gunčar presented improved projects module – DNA already supported project management, but we have improved the module and made managing projects more user friendly.

One of the more important innovations is support for full-text search; when a user loads an attachment into the DNA, the DNA reads it and allows the text in the attachment to be searched.

At NETS, we have a lot of experience in the field of business excellence, so we know what companies need to achieve effective and, above all, meaningful self-assessment according to EFQM. With this experience, we updated the Excellence module. Last year, we showed that we had three levels: Quick Ckeck, BEM, and BEM comprehensive. We now have three levels for EFQM self-assessment: BASIC, ADVANCED and AWARD. The work is adapted to the latest EFQM model and the needs of self-assessing organizations. Because the company manages all the evidence in DNA, it’s easy to make links to documents, a website, applications… At all levels, the product – a list of approaches and indicators – is also linked to strategic topics, enabling automatically produced management document. NETS also awards NETS Excellence certificates to companies that have completed self-assessment through workshops led by their mentors (PRSPO assessors). These certificates are valid for three years.

Among the more important innovations is also a completely revamped mobile version of DNA. This will allow almost full functionality of the desktop version, but will add some additional functionality that will be especially useful for mobile users, e.g. when working in the field.

Round table with guests on the topic of digitalisation and problems during the epidemic

Andreja Čufar, Petra Kodela Felicijan, Darja Lampret, Fernando Sierra, Uroš Gunčar

At a round table moderated by Mojca Justin, participants discussed work during the epidemic, the importance of transformation and digitalisation.

The awards

The award for most inclusions was received by:

Dom starejših občanov Grosuplje

Recognition for digitalizing business processes with DNA was received by:

Dom dr. Janka Benedika Radovljica

Certificate NETS excellence – basic was received by the company:

B&B d. o. o.

Certificate NETS excellence – basic was received by the company:

BRCE d. o. o.

Certificate NETS excellence – basic was received by the company:

Istrabenz plini d. o. o.

Certificate NETS excellence – basic was received by the company:

Kemofarmacija d. d.

Certificate NETS excellence – basic was received by the company:


Certificate NETS excellence – basic was received by the company:

Poclain Hydraulics d. o. o.

Certificate NETS excellence – basic was received by the company:

PRECISIUM d. o. o.

Certificate NETS excellence – basic was received by the company:

Vodovod – kanalizacija, d. o. o.

Certificate NETS excellence – advanced was received by the company:

Energija plus d. o. o.

Recognition for the company with the highest DNA use was received by the company: