DNA 2.4.5

All changes in this version


New features and improvements
    • Familiarized users reports should only consider valid documents
    • Lines in lists should change color on mouse hover
Bug fixes
    • Reading emails from Gmail sometimes doesn’t work


New features and improvements
    • Mail with a request for familiarization when a new version is published should contain a link to a specific version of the document
    • If a document goes from published back to preparation, the removal of the previous version should be reversed


New features and improvements
    • When publishing a new version of the main process, DNA should automatically create new versions of all variations
    • Each change to one characteristic of the technological process should be saved independently
    • A proposal can be linked to a process task
    • Possible editing of risks on published processes, if this is enabled in the settings
Bug fixes
    • After completing the risk assessment on the process, the color in the table is not updated immediately


New features and improvements
    • Participants should see the action that is late on “Home” as green – only initiators and person responsible see it as red
    • For tasks, it should be possible to enter a reason for several status transitions (especially when going back through the statuses)
Bug fixes
    • When you change the due date while creating a task, the Person responsible field is deleted if you can enter several persons responsible


New features and improvements
    • The meeting should become confirmed when every user who was present confirms it. Alternatively, it can be confirmed by a person who has meeting.admin rights and is in admin mode, and who must also enter a reason.

Organization of the company

New features and improvements
    • It should be possible to create a personal document on the person – documents tab


New features and improvements
    • Next risk assessment should be pre-populated with previous values
    • At the end of the risk assessment, DNA should alert you if the assessment has not changed since the last assessment
    • It should be possible to add attachments, links, comments to risk factors and areas

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