DNA for efficient and continuous work from home

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has shown a remarkable impact on daily life and work in a short time. We all suddenly face new, until recently unimaginable challenges, so we at NETS decided to try to help as best we could. Therefore, until 25 May 2020, we offer free use of our DNA EQMS application for the purpose of conducting meetings and  actions/tasks.

With the DNA EQMS application, it is possible to easily manage meetings, including minutes and decisions, and assign actions or tasks to make sure that work from home is as productive and smooth as possible. By using the application, you gain insight into the status of your tasks and the course of tasks of your colleagues, meetings become action-oriented, the minutes are concise and related to all the tasks and arrangements of the meeting.

Actions: description and video presentation
The presentation of the application can be found here .

For more information, contact us at resitve@nets.si