DNA 2.4.0

All changes in this version

New features

  • Export certificates of successful completion of training for everybody enrolled on the term at once
  • Insert the company logo into the document via merge fields
  • Export a process table where subprocesses are replaced with their tasks
  • Export FMEA analysis
  • Complement the risks in the process with the missing boxes according to the FMEA analysis
  • Export process control plan
  • Complete the process printout to PDF with features and devices/tools (as in the process table)
  • On my page I would like to see active projects where I participate
  • It should be possible to keep the code when changing the type
  • When adding links to other approaches/results, add a criteria code before the title
  • DNA Integration – MiTeam
  • When selecting people in the application change tool filters, their workplace should also be shown
  • Export only header of FMEA analysis and control plan
  • For technological process, links in the process export should only be exported as document codes
  • It should be possible to declare an existing technological process as a variaton of another technological process
  • Change the arrows in the direction of the record so that they are in the sequence – & gt; record – & gt;
  • When selecting executors (e.g. executors on process tasks, etc.) it should also be possible to select org. unit
  • Fields for the certificate of education (internal, skill category …) must be hidden on the medical examination certificate
  • List the org. unit name for the & quot; workplace in the unit & quot;
  • The person responsible’s and co-owner’s workplace can also be printed in the document
  • I would like to see in the list whether a record has attachments (templates, records, document types)
  • You can delete an incorrect participant entry directly from the session
  • The technological process of version 1 can be changed to the next version of any other document
  • Display help text for risk impact assessment
  • Main process risk assessments should also be displayed on process variations
  • System Tool – Add executor to document familiarisation
  • Display a visual label when a version of a process is outdated (the main process was published later than the variation)
  • Option to select process task characteristics
  • On a task, make it possible to select the location where the task is being executed
  • Form for adding a new variation of a process (you can select an existing version from which all properties are copied)
  • It should be possible to choose on the process whether the process has a variation
  • When adding features to a task, make it possible to quickly add missing records to code list
  • Separate technological processes from other processes in the navigation menu


  • Main dashboard should consist of three columns
  • When exporting a process, each task should be broken across multiple pages only if it is too large to fit on one page
  • It should be possible to create a new risk when editing a process task
  • The actions/meetings/documents of the company should also include those that are part of a project of the selected company
  • On a session, application statuses should vary by color
  • Export control plan and FMEA analysis with all tasks from subprocesses

Bug fixes

  • I can’t select a time before 6:00 AM
  • When exporting, if the process is very long, it gets cut off
  • When renaming a task in the code list, the old name is still visible when opening the diagram

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