Training of assessors according to the EFQM model of excellence

On 14 and 15 April, NETS conducted training for EAT (EFQM assessor training). The workshop, which was held entirely online due to the current situation, is the basis for spreading a culture of exceptional excellence. Participants learned about the new EFQM model and carried out an assessment on a concrete case. Participants received a certificate for successfully completing the workshop.

The workshop was led by Mag. Uroš Gunčar, who is an international evaluator and trainer according to the EFQM model . NETS is currently the only licensed consultant for this field in Slovenia , and in 2020 we became a partner of SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency (hereinafter SPIRIT), for the implementation of training for assessors according to the model of excellence .

Since 2019, SPIRIT has taken on all key tasks for the development and spread of awareness that organizations are self-assessing and setting new goals based on the assessment of the situation. In doing so, it operates in accordance with the Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia for Business Excellence.

We are aware that only strong companies will remain in good shape, and the knowledge they have will also contribute a lot to this. The current period is an excellent opportunity to invest in employee education.


The content of the workshop was extremely complex, but it was nicely systematically carried out in a way that connects areas and key contents. Appropriate involvement of participants, which ensured ongoing monitoring and active involvement. The atmosphere was appropriately relaxed, which contributed to high productivity due to the continuous involvement of all participants. Feedback and guidance throughout the process, however, gave me the opportunity for better understanding and immediate correction in implementation. It was exhausting, but it could have lasted even longer.

– Špela Redjko, Undersecretary, SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency

Although the workshop lasted only two days, the praise needs to be expressed regarding the organization, approach and highly educational approach of the organizers and the training leader, Mag. U. Gunčar. Of course, it is extremely difficult to summarize such a wide range of knowledge in two working days, but the training manager put in a tremendous amount of work and effort. Knowledge transfer, positive attitude, motivation, way of transfer and expression – all top notch. Not only did he manage to implement / pass on knowledge and skills, he was able to involve all the actors in the action at all times (not only through team workshops) and direct proactivity with his knowledge, attention and relaxation. Last but not least, with constructive and, above all, realistic assessment (criticism, comments, positive provocations), which the listeners do not like every time, achieved a high level of intensity of the two-day training and the effect, based on the opinion that all participants gained even more knowledge than they would otherwise. I am glad that he was responsive at all times and instructed in the right way – and in direct honor also that we were able to hear such a trainer, which stems from the many good practices in which he was directly involved either as an assessor or as an auditor – mileage !!! Although we were slightly handicapped in terms of participation via videoconference – undoubtedly a big difference compared to a workshop where participants can be together – this was not felt even for a moment. Very good experience and basis for continuing such events / webinars in the future. 

– Edo Ališič, AFTER EMA, E. Ališič sp

The workshop was excellent, constructive, team-oriented, active, intensive. The lecturer has a lot of experience, which he interestingly passed on to the learning group.

– Maja Zalokar, director, B&B, doo

The lecturer also gave the content with great emphasis on practical examples and examples from his experience. He also guided the results of the mentioned knowledge in workshops. I really liked that he commented on the products critically and gave constructive criticism so that we could make better quality products from workshop to workshop.

– Dominik Ovniček, Project Director, Elektro Gorenjska