Training of assessors according to the EFQM excellence model June 2020

At NETS, we will conduct EAT training (EFQM assessor training) on ​​22 and 23 June. The workshop is the basis for spreading a culture of exceptional excellence. Participants will get to know the new EFQM model and perform an assessment on a concrete case and receive a certificate for a successfully completed workshop.

The workshop will be led by Mag. Uroš Gunčar, who is an international assessor and trainer for the EFQM model.
The EAT seminar will take place between 9 am and 5 pm, in the premises of RC IKT Kranj, Ljubljanska cesta 24 G.
There will be lunch time between 12 and 1 p.m.
The workshop will include a case study and will include the current involvement of crisis situations that require leadership in these challenging times, when each factor needs to be looked at differently. The example we will be working on allows us to work in these times, especially operating in times of global crisis. In this way, the company develops ways of working, such as reorientation, changes in strategy, as a search for opportunities where they have not been seen in the past.
The new model especially emphasizes the elements of operation in the international and domestic environment.

The price is € 670 plus VAT. A company with more than 15 employees is eligible for the voucher.

NETS is currently the only licensed consultant for this field in Slovenia, and in 2020 we became a partner of SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency (hereinafter SPIRIT), for the implementation of training for assessors according to the model of excellence. Since 2019, SPIRIT has taken on all key tasks for the development and spread of awareness that organizations are self-assessing and setting new goals based on the assessment of the situation. In doing so, it operates in accordance with the business excellence strategy of the Republic of Slovenia.

We are aware that only strong companies will remain in good shape, and the knowledge they have will also contribute a lot to this. The current period is an excellent opportunity to invest in employee education.

Testimonial from the participant of the April workshop

The content of the workshop was extremely complex, but it was nicely systematically carried out in a way that connects areas and key contents. Appropriate involvement of participants, which ensured ongoing monitoring and active involvement. The atmosphere was appropriately relaxed, which contributed to high productivity due to the continuous involvement of all participants. Feedback and guidance throughout the proc+ess, however, gave me the opportunity for better understanding and immediate correction in implementation. It was exhausting, but it could have lasted even longer.

– Špela Redjko, Undersecretary, SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency