Mag. Uroš Gunčar led the training for the basics of the EFQM model and the implementation of self-assessment according to the BEM method


In the period from 19 September 2019 to 7 November 2019, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia held a free training for the introduction of business excellence in companies. Mag. Uroš Gunčar conducted two sets of four workshops in two terms. The training program was as follows:

  • Workshop 1 – Getting to know the EFQM model
  • Workshop 2 – Techniques for self-assessment and preparation for self-assessment
    • in the time up to the 3rd workshop: making a self-assessment according to the chosen method in an individual company
  • Workshop 3 – Presentation of self-assessment and plan for implementation of improvements
    • in the time up to the 4th workshop: implementation of activities for improvements in selected areas in an individual company
  • Workshop 4 – Discussion of implemented activities for improvements and experience in introducing the business excellence model


The last workshop is behind us – training for the introduction of business excellence in companies. The EFQM model was presented to us by Uroš Gunčar from the company NETS, the best assessor in Slovenia, also recognizable in the European area. The workshops exceeded my expectations. Thanks go to the lecturer who selflessly shared with us his knowledge, rich experience, wisdom of life,… Admirable is his view of the world, how business is based on the laws of nature.

The lecturer focused on the essence of the workshops, ie:

  • learning to design appropriate approaches, effective indicators in the company and the need to find appropriate links between them;
  • we learned to rank the collected proposals according to urgency or the importance of these in the company;
  • the presented ADKAR model is also useful in private life and not only at work;
  • we learned about the fundamental differences between the existing EFQM 2013 model and the new EFQM 2019 model;
  • we also peeked into the multi-purpose application of DNA.

A synergy developed between the participants of the workshops (after all, we spent 4 days together), thus the need to name the group “BREAKERS”. A vow was made that we would meet again at some less formal meeting, where Uroš would allow us to live out our mischief.

Gordana Mikunovic