Establishment of the CMNET association


Eight counseling organizations are brought together into the CMNET association (Change Management network) in order to achieve a critical mass of knowledge on major projects and a uniform appearance first at home and then abroad.
Founded by the (given in brackets are the representatives of organizations):

  • Benco d.o.o. (Janez Benčina)
  • FOŠ Novo mesto (doc.dr. Boris Bukovec)
  • Inova consulting d.o.o. (dr. Brane Semolič)
  • Jože Makoter s.p. (Jože Makoter)
  • Loma consulting d.o.o. (Franci Pušenjak)
  • MILIEU d.o.o. (mag. Lado Bukvič)
  • NETS d.o.o. (mag. Uroš Gunčar)
  • Racio razvoj d.o.o. (mag. Karmen Gorišek)