Digital strategy is a key element for a company to remain in the market


Digital strategy is an important part of business strategy. With its preparation, you can quickly get many benefits in the company.

  • Clearly defined and documented definition and documentation of important business processes in the organization (clearly defined responsibility for process implementation).
  • Increased orderliness of documentation (enables fast searching of information and traceability).
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of process implementation measured through performance and efficiency indicators (KPIs) and through a system of continuous process improvements.
  • Systematic improvement of the quality of services / products and consequently also increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Established risk management system in processes.
  • All of this adds up to increased reputation of the organization. 

The digital strategy includes three elements:

  • assessment of the situation in regards to digitalization,
  • preparation of a plan for the development of digital capabilities of the company,
  • preparation of a strategy for companies for digital transformation.

At NETS, we are ready to offer professional assistance with the preparation of a digital strategy with the aim of digital transformation (makeover) of the company. We will prepare the best digital strategy for you, where we take into account existing applications and add new steps for improvement.

You can also receive a voucher through the SPS for the provided professional assistance for the preparation of a digital strategy.

Write to us at if you want to learn more about this opportunity or preparation and implementation of digital strategy in general.