We have developed a new online application called DNA


We have developed and tested the new web application called DNA. DNA helps us in implementing a process approach, organization of documents, conduct of meetings, campaigns,…

It is the fruit of the expertise of the company NETS. DNA for the company is what your DNA is to you.

What is the DNA portal offering?

  • Control of documents in an organization:
    • The review of all documents and their interconnection
    • Management of document life-cycle (in preparation, the approval, approved, published, withdrawn) together with support to all versions of documents;
    • Controlled print of copies;
    • Provide effective protection of the contents of documents and assign access rights;
    • Easy entry of existing documentation (direct capture of MS Word documents).
  • An overview of the organizational structure of the organization:
    • Overview of the organizational units within the organization
    • Overview of all employees by various filters (organizational units, jobs, roles, responsibilities);
    • Overview of description of the tasks / task jobs (it is able to fully support systematization);
    • Easy movement of employees between different organizational units and jobs (in accordance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia).
  • It supports documentation of business processes in different levels of processes and their interconnections. Effective integration of processes and other documentation (in accordance with the standards of ISO9001: 2008, ISO 14001,…):
    • Drawing of processes in DNA;
    • Connectivity of business processes with documentation of the company and the Internet;
    • Direct link to tasks in the processes with tasks in the systematization of jobs.
  • Management of meetings within the organization:
    • An overview of the different types of meetings and their connection with actions, customer complaints;
    • Management of the life cycle of meetings (planned, prepared, convened, revoked, open, approved, completed).
  • Management of actions (tasks, actions, improvements, innovations) in the organization
    • An overview of the different types of actions and their connection with meetings, complaints;
    • Management of the life cycle of actions (forthcoming, open, closed, withdrawn).
  • Rapid deployment of the portal – the user’s computer is required only a web browser.
  • The possibility of hosting the portal on our server.