A NEW (and improved) version of DNA is available

If you are hosting with us you are already using it.

What novelties are being brought by this new version?

Initially certainly the most notable new feature – your company name next to the logo of DNA


During longer desirable innovations are of course the colors. Before the line there is a new cell – an indicator that turns on the current status of the document, action or meeting.




Common/Total statuses


Document statuses


Action statuses


Meeting statuses


New in version 1.0.7 are also the filters on the lists

Filters on all the major lists – these lists are accessed from the menu – except with the tree overviews (documents, organizational structure). Filtering is possible through all fields of choice, with date filters is that it is possible to chose the period for those who have a linking to the code list (e.g. jobs on the list of Employees and Participants) are featured selection from the code list. If the column header writing is in Bold and Italic style it means that the filter is activated.





And then our day is brightened by – Reports

Reports are simple or complex database queries. Currently you have more in advance-defined reports that will update continually. If you want to create a new type of report you can do it by yourself.

All reports already have certain preset filters (for example: List of actions displays only actions), this selection may still be limited by selecting additional filters that can be displayed (role, person status and the date of occurrence or action… or any other record in the database) . Reports display as graph or a list. If it is the list, you can also download it to your computer in the CSV format (text files with values separated by commas (. Csv), in which a comma (,) usually separates each field of text.). Of course you can also print all the reports (such as lists charts). From the report you can also create a document that you can post. Old reports can of course also be deleted.






Finally, long-awaited – Logs

So far in a very simple form of a report. Since the log is based on a report, you can filter your logs by the person or the date of the record in the database. And then of course, like any other filter in the any of the main lists.


Other notable novelties are:

  • On “my site” you can choose to display additional columns (such as status) and sort.
  • It is possible to select multiple superior documents – the document can be in multiple folders at once and has at the same time several superior documents. In this situation _ attention should be paid if the document (let’s call it document10) in the same folder as its parent document (let’s call it document20) document10 will be shown only as a subordinate document to “document20″ and will not be shown in the folder. If _ is in another folder, will be shown in both places, so as subordinate to \”document20\” document and folder view.
  • Action “in coordination” on the document was renamed “Reconciliation”.
  • When printing of business processes, the references to the entire document are now displayed at the end.
  • The document is the shrunken “Description”, if they have less than four characters (even invisible HTML characters)
  • However, we have eliminated most of the errors that you’ve reported to us.