The tool, which helps you to return and strengthen the position to managers of quality systems

Yesterday we were altogether very praised by the external assessors, at our assessment of QMS ISO 9001: 2008 for our work. Praise was given both to our way of managing the system and its “life” and integration on the enterprise-wide level, as well as IT support provided to us by DNA. On the way to new victories a nice weekend to everyone,

was thanks to one of our customers.

Any praise to us gives us strength for the future!

In more than 20 years of operation in the field of counseling many things have changed. I remember my first project. It was slow, we worked with paper. The work was flowing through the working hours of employees and a lot of the time was needed for the routine procedures. Quality was important for the good functioning of the company and also as a marketing move. The leaders of quality systems had importance in the company.

Changes are always part of life, even in companies. Most of them have in recent years made a change in ownership, which gave emphasis on financial transactions. The Directors have dealt with a lot of financial restructuring. Benefits were not able to compare to the benefits in reducing costs, but later they have become enormous losses.

Times have now changed. Again those directors, who are focused on work, improvement and change, are gaining importance. Again, professionalism has become very important. The man and his work are once again gaining in reputation. The informatics has grown on power. Information science has brought new opportunities for managers who want to demonstrate, or those who have so far been in the shadow of profits from financing. We made an analysis of the best Slovenian companies (we visited about 100 of them). Companies that are good, have established various management systems. Each sector has specific requirements and we can hardly find a Slovenian company that is not working in foreign markets, that would not have incorporated standards, most of them also certified. Now the quality has become once again a very important category. This time, hand in hand with informatics.

We reviewed the systems for support of the quality management. Most common discovery is that they are insufficiently involved and connected with other IT applications. Sometimes it works just for itself, here and there connected, but not comprehensive. Rarely allow the assessment of the system and the rules of procedure through IT system. Quality should be a comprehensive system of quality is a part of management. As such, it should follow all development steps of IT management systems.

That’s why we have our application called DNA, because we want to encode the basic operation of the company that is the link between all parts of the business. It is conceived as a central entry point in the company, which integrates knowledge, organization of business and operational management. It is possible to add links to existing enterprise applications, so they can become a central entry point for each employee. Application gives the possibility for the quality manager to consolidate their position in the company, again. It is a tool that will return the reputation to systems managers, because they will have all the necessary information at their fingertips, they will not need to look elsewhere. In this way, the Head of Administration systems will become indispensable again.