Process approach – fashion fad, or an applied science?

It happens that in a good excellent Slovenian company, in order to follow international trends of process approach, a person is hired to take care of the processes. That person will afterwards introduce some kind of IT support, which in the end, it will be mostly use by that person (due to the fact that licenses are very expensive). Than further on it will take two years to put all these processes in the IT process support system, which is not, incorporated with the other parts of the company. And now the company will start merging with another, something, which is not predicted in the processes, because it is a decision that usually, comes really fast.

The truth is that the processes are the heart of the companies operations. Best companies in the world constantly change and update key processes:

However, the process approach should be done only as support to all other activities of the company. Employees must understand and know how to use the process approach. Yes, management and the staff can monitor this. There must be good IT support, but it can only operate within the system working within entire business enterprise (not just with a few licenses). Our application support counseling will allow both, definition of the processes as well as their operational management and monitoring. All activities of the company will result in processes and the leadership will, due to all related activities have a review “on line” of all activities, when it comes to deviations. Employees will have access to processes easily, they will be always up to date with what is new and needed for them, what they must be aware of and they will be able to quickly broadcast ideas. Company management will be able to see any duplications and blind paths created, if that is supported well enough by the IT and the content. Since today’s world is forcing companies to greater rationalization of operations and, consequently, to cooperate more closely, it is necessary to look at a comprehensive business processes – even outside their own business. On the other hand, there are increasing number of cases in which the business process within the company involve various stakeholders participants,, such as suppliers, partners, subcontractors and others. To this end, the description of the organizational structure of the company and its surroundings is flexible and it supports the definition of any type of the organization.