DNA 2.2.7



In this version of DNA, we paid special attention to how we manage informedness on documents. As soon as we click on the Edit informeds button, we can see most of the changes. For organizational units, wecan view the details of this unit by clicking on the icon, informedness can also be determined via jobs, roles … To never lose overview of who will actually be selected, we can view this via the Who will be informed? button, and with the What is selected button? we can check all selected units, roles…


We can look at the details of organizational units in DNA: each unit can be expanded to display its subunits, jobs, roles… which we can check for informedness.

What is selected?

Since the whole organizational structure can be very complex, we can see in one place a list of all organizational units, jobs, roles … that are selected for informedness.

Who will be informed?

Additionally, we can also see a list of all people who will be informed and why they are included (where the informedness comes from – person’s organizational unit, position, role …)

All changes in this version

New features

  • I would like to duplicate an existing meeting
  • When a user opens a project, he should always see the members of the project team, regardless of rights if he can view people
  • The knowledge list should also include a column “Required level of knowledge”
  • Among completed trainings, the person should also see for which role/company post the training is selected (from which role the knowledge on the person is inherited)
  • When you add a person to a role in an org. unit, the role should also be automatically added to the org. unit


  • The status icons should also display the status on hover
  • Informedness optimization
  • Input a website under company data
  • Today’s meetings should be color-coded in meeting lists
  • Reduce employee opening time
  • Spent time on companies
  • Make sure the digital signature is visible in the PDF viewer
  • Ability to define a global template for exporting objects to PDF / Word

Bug fixes

    • When I move the questionnaire back to preparation, the buttons to add a question do not appear
    • Organizational unit not visible in the role list
    • The check mark for the required solution approval causes the fields of Responsible, Cooperators, etc. to be reset.
    • I see a button to add a subunit even though I don’t have the right to create a new unit
    • In the GDPR database, the “company post in org. unit” disappears after saving if I select it in the Users of personal data field
    • When I change the role name in a language other than the default application language, the name is always displayed in the default application language instead of the user language in the process
    • A person who does not have the right to view projects, but is a member of one project, is given an error in the list of projects
    • If, when creating a meeting, we overwrite the content from a meeting of which type we are not allowed to create, the “Internal application error” is displayed.
    • DNA should not allow to store attachments that contain invalid attachment characters
    • If a job item in a unit (OU:CP) is selected in the “Who can create this type” field in the meeting type, it does not appear in the field
    • On the project, the project manager is hidden in the field, although it is visible at the top of the metadata and can be seen among employees
    • Exporting to PDF with Word document content does not work if the document is in preparation
    • If a person has an inactive interest group selected as the first interest group, he or she is appears as inactive in the org. structure

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