The first evaluation according to the EFQM Excellence Model in India

This time Uroš Gunčar was in the European team of assessors who conducted the assessment Recognize for Excellence of Indian company RIL Hazira. RIL Hazira is the first company in India, that has decided to be assessed by European assessors by the EFQM Excellence Model and is a member of the Reliance Group, the third largest in India (


RIL Hazira is located near the city of Surat in Gujarat province and covers an area of 283 hectares. They produce polyester, various plastics and synthetic fibers for textiles. A number of areas are at least catching up with, if not overtaking, the rest of the world competition. Security measures are very strict, as among other things, is not allowed to take pictures and the use of mobile phones in many places. The first customer responses are that such “reviews” are excellent and are opening their eyes, how to be even better. In the near future, new assessment best Indian companies are promised.