KOC AS is organizing a webinar on coronavirus risk management in nursing homes

Due to the coronavirus, we were all forced to face extraordinary challenges in a very short time, and especially the virus poses a danger and a challenge for KOC AS partners – both employees and residents. Therefore, in NETS d.o.o., which is the leading partner of KOC AS, we decided to organize an e-training on the topic of coronavirus, which is free for KOC partners. 
The training will take place online live on Thursday 19 March between 9:30 and 13:00. During this time, participants will also be able to participate and ask questions, and the entire lecture will be available for viewing after the end. It is desirable that the seminar be attended by several employees in your organization.

Webinar: Coronavirus risk management in nursing homes

When : Thursday, March 19, 2020 between 9:30 and 13:00
Program : 
Employees in nursing homes bear a huge responsibility for the proper handling of coronavirus (COVID-19). Especially in terms of managing the risks of getting sick on their own and passing it on to care recipients. As well as regarding proper communication in times of crisis, with relatives, care recipients and others, to reduce criticism and thus long-term business damage.  
At the 4-hour webinar, which takes place within the Competence Center Health and Medicine, you will get: 
  1. Latest information on coronavirus: what we know about COVID-19, how to prevent infection and transmission of the virus to others (NIJZ, WHO and RKI recommendations).
  2. Special recommendations of the German Robert Koch Institute for the Prevention of COVID-19 in nursing homes – recommendations for management and recommendations for medical staff.
  3. An example of good practice in controlling the coronavirus in a nursing home/related institutions
  4. How to properly organize and communicate in a crisis situation:
    1. with relatives or other payers of services for old people’s homes,
    2. with care recipients to calm unnecessary tension and fear and increase loyalty and reputation, and
    3. how to set up a crisis management system in a home for the elderly and communicate with employees,
    4. management, communication and control of suppliers.
  5. How can we quickly reduce fear and stress, which weaken the immune system and negatively affect our work and communication. At the seminar, we will perform two practical techniques of quick relaxation and mood improvement.
Contractor : 
Dr. Klemen Podjed, Institute for Productivity Ltd. (ICF Coach, INLPTA) is a lecturer and consultant with many years of experience in workplace health promotion, communication and stress management. He is the author of over 150 publications (manuals, articles, video seminars), and over 300 workshops and lectures. 
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More see:  http://www.produktivnost.si/