EFQM Certified Assesor Transformation Training

ECAT (EFQM Certified Assesor Transformation Training) is training that allows all EFQM assessors to retain a valid license. At the end of 2020, the version of the EFQM 2013 model will irrevocably expire and a new model will come into force – the EFQM 2020 model, with a new, changed approach and new schemes for evaluators and users as well.

These ‘transformational’ trainings will only last until the end of 2020, after which it will be necessary to obtain a new assessor’s license by
training required by the EFQM for the ‘assessor path’.

Licensed training according to the EFQM model in Slovenia is performed by organizations that have acquired the status of CTO (Certified Training Organization) at EFQM, currently SIQ d.o.o. and NETS d.o.o.

The table lists the dates, method of implementation and the price of the training.
IMPORTANT: The stated price is the price for PRSPO assessors (final price for the participant), and does not include the license fee (additional € 350 / participant, which will be covered by the SPIRIT Slovenia agency). The license fee is an additional cost for participants who are not assessors under the PRSPO.


Applications are accepted by the training provider.

Registration for ECAT (NETS) training:
Send the application to seminarji@nets.si

The training will take place on 22 and 23 October 2020 at the location Ljubljanska cesta 24a, 4000 Kranj, NETS d.o.o.

The condition for joining ECAT for other participants is:
– completed EAT course after 1 January 2016.