EFQM assessment in private health care in Luxembourg

This time Uros Gunčar was in the European team of evaluators and once again in the pilot introduction of changes in the assessment of the EFQM model.

This time the assessment was in the medical field, in a private company Becker & Associates, which includes 5 clinics in Luxembourg. The changes, which were introduced in the evaluation of the result are the response of the office in Brussels on low satisfaction of applicants with the reports of the evaluation teams. In 2014, there were only 27% of applicants who were satisfied with the work of assessment teams (particularly the final report).

Through the assessment greater emphasis was placed on the strategic theme of the applicant. From the group of assesors, it is now expected, to further deepen the business of the applicant. The division of areas between the assessors is no longer strictly according to the criteria of the EFQM model. The final report was focused on the model criteria (not broken into subcategories) and the fundamental principles (direction – less is more or differently – better fewer benefits and opportunities of which we select those with a stronger content and, consequently, greater weight).

To sum it all up, according to my judgement, work for us, the assessors has been much more demanding and a greater challenge than ever.

Uroš Gunčar