With the happy December we cheerfully await the new version of DNA

Application DNA is being constantly developed and improved. New version of DNA (1.3) is even friendlier and more adjusted to your demands.
So what’s new?

After almost half a year of additional research we issued currently the best version of the DNA application at the moment. Alongside all the speed up upgrades through all the DNA (up to 95% faster in most of the areas), we have also added a new module – Companies; totally renewed the text editor; chance of highlighting the tasks according the filters that you can set up by your wishes and demands; we set up automatic notification for document expiration.
Alongside all of that we removed approximately 100 bugs and made more than 100 improvements of which, 40 were suggested by you – the users of DNA application.

We will highlight a few novelties and improvements

Overhauled text editor

Click  (the icon is not present in all text editors in the application)


Chose an existing picture/photograph or upload a new one


If you wish to, you can edit properties of the picture/photo and then insert it

Do not be limited by the size of the text editor

Click  [IMAGE-4] for full screen mode editing

You wish to know what certain people are doing on a certain working position in the process? There’s nothing easier!


Just chose what the director is doing in the process.


and DNA will color the highlighted tasks

Now you can easily connect all your customers/clients, partners, suppliers, etc. into processes.


You can insert all your suppliers, partners, customers – if you desire to transfer that kind of data from some other application, we can do that data import instead of you.16-8

You can add contacts to companies, which you can later on invite to a meeting or assigning them to carry out a specific action,…


In the info point of the company you will be able to see all the documents that the selected company has been informed with (you have sent it to them through the mechanism for documentation informing), all the meetings that have been attended by the contacts added to the selected company and also see all the actions of the contacts added to the selected company that are cooperating.

Notification about document expiration

You will receive a friendly e-mail from DNA application, notifying you about document expiration. DNA will do that 60, 30, 7, 3 and 1 day before the document expires.