October 26, 2023, 9:00 - 14:00

Brdo congress centre, Kranj

We are celebrating 30 years of NETS.

Join us on October 26, when we will present examples of effective solutions.


The program will be coordinated by Katarina Matejčič, who as a journalist dealt with economic and financial topics for Bloomberg Adria, POP TV and Časnik Finance.

Mag. Uroš Gunčar

Procurator, NETS, d.o.o.

Connecting sustainable transformation, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and sustainability reporting based on the European CSRD directive is key to comprehensive sustainability management in organizations.

Yılmaz Bayraktar

president, Turška organizacija za kakovost Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer)

Yılmaz Bayraktar will present how the organization has achieved a national movement for the use of the EFQM model in the spirit of sustainable business practices.

Primož Kos

IT Consultant, Arabian Creative, Dubaj

Primož will present the concrete use of the DNA EQMS application in clinics in Dubai. With DNA EQMS, clinics address challenges such as compliance with legislation and rapid employee turnover. The legislation is strict, and non-compliance can result in high fines.

Vladimir Boricic

Executive Director, Mobes Monte d.o.o., Montenegro

Vladimir will present a case of digitalization of quality in the Montenegrin company "Otpadne vode" d.o.o. Budva

Aleš Erker

Project manager Pametni vodovod (Smart water supply), Mariborski vodovod, javno podjetje, d. o. o.

Uroš Vonta

Software engineer, NETS d.o.o.

Aleš and Uroš will present the project Smart water supply system.  The goal of the project is development of an advanced cloud solution and establishment of remote data collection and refreshing through the use of NB-IOT, LTE, and 5G networks.

Aleksander Ključevšek

Software engineer, NETS d.o.o.

Aleksander will present a newly developed module Equipment that brings numerous benefits to inventory management and production digitalization in DNA EQMS. We will also look at how customers are already leveraging this module and even some tailor-made upgrades to further improve their business.

Janez Gunčar

CEO, NETS, d.o.o.

Development of support for the ISO 14001 standard in the DNA EQMS application to facilitate compliance with ISO 14001, its rapid implementation, and support for the green transition. The development is carried out within the EU project IT support for the green transition of SMEs.

Round table on the topic: "Sustainable green future of organizations and reporting"

Participating in the round table will be Janez Potočnik, PhD, Co-Chair, Partner, Chairman,  UNEP International Resource Panel - IRP, SYSTEMIQ, FFA, RISE, Yılmaz Bayraktar, president of the Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer), Matevž Frangež, State Secretary, Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport, Sebastijan Zupanc, director of the Chamber of Municipal Economy, Gregor Schoss, managing director SIQ, Uroš Gunčar, MsC, NETS d.o.o.

The round table will be chaired by Mihael Cigler, president of the Slovene Association for Legal Lobbying and an expert on energy solutions.