We live with processes

We are a company specializing in business consultation and business consultation training, business process IT support, creative problem solving and innovating. In cooperation with our partners, we are also able to professionally handle larger projects.

Our business solutions are effective and compliant, with special emphasis on creating value for our clients and truly understanding their needs.
To understand means to start from the client’s situation and adapt methods to his/her requirements while looking for possible synergies between various interest groups. Added value shows in our focus on aspects of our client’s business that lead to better business results.
The majority of our work are projects, which we plan in collaboration with the clients, regardless if we are talking about consulting or implementation of our DNA software. We also organize training sessions, seminars and workshops.

Our vision

We strive to become a company with the strongest business process IT support in Slovenia, and establish our name in Europe, as well as outside its borders. To stay true to our motto “Living with processes” and be recognized for our effective and practical solutions.

Our key values


We constantly invest in innovative knowledge and self-development.


Delo opravimo strokovno, pošteno in pravočasno.


Success is a marathon on an obstacle course.

Cooperation and mutual respect

Not just between our employees, but also our customers and partners.


Developed a three level NETS EXCELLENCE self-assessment method.


As part of the Connect SME Plus project, we helped 60 peripheral small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) strengthen cross-border and global business connectivity. With more than 20 years of experience in business excellence, quality, business optimization and IT tools, we have trained SMEs in the fields of quality, innovation and excellence.
We have also developed new modules in DNA: Excellence and Questionnaires.


We prepared 46 utility companies for compliance with GDPR. We have developed the GDPR module in DNA designed to meet the requirements of the GDPR Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679), with emphasis on managing lists of personal data collections and their processing. In combination with the Risk Module, it covers the requirement for the assessment of the protection of personal data. We moved to new offices.


Release of DNA 2 which includes numerous improvements and new features.


Release of a new version of DNA with new modules and features (e-library, risks, models, CRM, reports, templates, etc.) and numerous improvements (processes came “to life”, interconnectedness between components, improved automation).


An important year for process management IT support, ISO standards, and EFQM model – we developed a completely new web application DNA, a culmination of the knowledge of everyone employed at NETS.


From 2010 onwards, Mag. Sc. Uroš Gunčar holds 2 licences for the EFQM seminar. With several new connections, we are no longer a “one-man-band”. We employ our first programmer. From 2010 to 2013 we employ 4 further people: first Janez Gunčar and Gašper Bregar, and a little later Barbar Gunčar and Uroš Vonta.


We received a Simplexity system trainer licence (creative problem solving).


This was the year when Uroš Gunčar became European assessor. 8 international assessments completed to date: Euskalit, EST, Dubai Port World, Ril Hazira Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, etc.


In collaboration with TRIS, we developed an application by the name of TrinetQ – process management support and documentation inside an organization solutions. The application was based on the Lotus Notes platform. It was followed by a web application BiArt, developed in collaboration with ERANOV-o.


This year was an important milestone for the company. Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport started awarding the Slovenian business excellence prize: the national quality award. We began offering solutions based on the EFQM excellence model. Mag. Sc. Uroš Gunčar has been the leading assessor for the excellence model. To date, he completed over 20 assessments (Hermes Softlab, ETI Izlake, Mercator, Elektro Gorenjska, Europlakat, etc.) and helped numerous well-known companies in Slovenia with the implementation of self-assessment based on the EFQM model.


The year the company was founded. We started mostly with consultations based on the ISO 9000 family of standards (at home and abroad), and coaching (abroad). During the next 10 years we put our focus on the process approach (6 pillars of process approach). We performed several important domestic and international projects for NKBM, Kemofarmacija, Intereuropa, IKEA, FCI, AREVA, etc.

mag. Uroš Gunčar

direktor, svetovalec

Barbara Gunčar

ustanoviteljica in solastnica

Janez Gunčar


Uroš Vonta

razvojni inženir

Aleksander Ključevšek

razvojni inženir

Anita Vonta

strokovna sodelavka

Nina Hari

vodja marketinga

Essential info

Company name:
NETS, podjetje za storitve, d.o.o., Kranj
Short company name:
NETS, d.o.o., Kranj
Address (headquarters):
Mlaška cesta 105, Kranj
Address (offices):
Ljubljanska cesta 24, Kranj
+ 386 4 2047 000, 041 672 032
Mag. Sc. Uroš Gunčar, director
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Principal investment:
8.763,00 EUR
Transaction account:
SI56 0430 2000 0316 883