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NETS elected head of the competence center for human resources development – Health and Medicine

In the tender for co-financing the establishment and operation of competence centers for human resources development for the period 2019 to 2022, NETS was selected as…

NETS is a partner in the international Connect SME Plus project

Accelerating internationalization of small and medium enterprises with growth and innovation potential Alongside other partners, NETS will aid SMEs in strengthening their cross-border…

NETS EXPO 2020 Dubai

NETS will present the DNA EQMS application and carried out a live external audit in the company Impol, d.o.o.. in the Slovenian pavilion at…

NETS – a success story

You can read the article about NETS’ success story in the online magazine Kapital on pages 24 and 25. Link to the online…

In Finance – Interview with the director of NETS, Uroš Gunčar

An interview with the director of NETS, Uroš Gunčar, whose expertise lies in IT support for business processes, was published in Finance. In…

In Turkey, a 19-member delegation of Slovenian businessmen forsought business opportunities

A 19-member delegation of Slovenian businessmen and institutions returned from Turkey a few days ago. Uroš Gunčar and Janez Gunčar from NETS, d.o.o.…