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Nets d.o.o. is a company for management consulting and training, in the areas of business consulting (process approach, EFQM Excellence Model, renovation of the business model), IT support for business processes (DNA) and creative problem solving and innovation system (Simplex).

In collaboration with partners we can deepen the scope and / or efficiently support major projects.

Mode of operation

Most of the work is in the form of projects that are planned together with the customers, both in consultancy and the introduction of DNA. There is also frequent independent training (seminars and workshops).


Understand the customer and is to create added value for the customer.

Understand the means derived from its situation and adapt the methods suitable for the customer and seek synergies between the various stakeholders that are important to the customer.

Added value is in order to find important things, to focus on them, which is featured in better business results for the customer.



We operate since 1994, when we founded the company. Initial service was mainly advice on the ISO 9000 series of standards (home and abroad) and coaching (abroad).


An important milestone was in 1998, when Slovenia started with the Prize of the Republic of Slovenia for Business Excellence PRSPO and we have expanded our range of services in the area of the EFQM excellence model. Mag. Uroš Gunčar is the lead assessor for the model of excellence from the very beginning.


In 1999, we have developed, together with a company TRIS-a, an application called TrinetQ – support management of processes and documentation in the company (it worked in the Lotus Notes environment). Continuation of the web application called BiArt development in collaboration with ERANOVA.


In 2005, mag. Uros Guncar became the European assessor.


In 2008 he obtained a license to coach Simplex system (creative problem solving). Since 2010, he is the holder of two licenses for seminars through the EFQM.


An important year in the development of IT support for a process oriented approach, the ISO standard and the EFQM model is 2011, when we developed a brand new web application DNA – the result of expertise of the NETS d.o.o.

Current number of projects (over 100 both at home and abroad) and monitoring of the development of business models have deepened our knowledge and have perfected our approaches in advising on the introduction of the process approach, the EFQM Excellence Model and reform the business model of the organization.