Partners of the company Nets d.o.o.

(sorted alphabetically)

partner_basadur In the year 2008, we acquired a license to coach the Simplex system. We are in the phase of recasting of business cooperation.
partner_cmnet Association of eight companies Benco d.o.o, MILIEU d.o.o., Faculty of Organizational Studies from Novo mesto, LOMA consulting, Inova consulting d.o.o., NETS d.o.o., JMC Jože Makoter s.p. and Racio razvoj d.o.o. The basic objective is to achieve a critical mass of knowledge and networking on common projects.
partner_efqm Uroš Gunčar the European assessor and licensed instructor for self-assessment and training of assessors by the business excellence model of EFQM
partner_mirs Uroš Gunčar is the lead assessor in the context with Awards for Business Excellence from the very beginning. Cooperation with MIRS also in the field of implementation of calibration of seminars for assessors within PRSPO and becoming familiar with the EFQM model.
partner_ur_university Company NETS is one of the associate members of the university. Together we drive the development and implementation of various programs and workshops (business games) primarily in Western Europe (France, Netherlands, Belgium) and the United States.