NETS in Finance – The path to business excellence through the EFQM system is easier in threes

In Finance, we published some statements about NETS by the participants of the self-assessment workshop of the company. Link to the article: The path to business excellence through the EFQM…

Digital strategy is a key element for a company to remain in the market

Digital strategy is an important part of business strategy. With its preparation, you can quickly get many benefits in the company. Clearly defined and documented definition and documentation of important…

EAT training according to the new EFQM model

In December we will have EAT (EFQM Accessor Training) according to the new EFQM model.  EAT training is to prepare participants to conduct a strategic assessment of the organization as part…

NETS day 2020

We have successfully completed the 7th NETS day Ready for the future: business excellence and systemic growth Mojca Justin and Nataša Čebulj, PARADIŽ d. o. o. The EFQM model allows…

EFQM Certified Assesor Transformation Training

ECAT (EFQM Certified Assesor Transformation Training) is training that allows all EFQM assessors to retain a valid license. At the end of 2020, the version of the EFQM 2013 model will…
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