NETS day 2021


We have successfully completed the 8th NETS day.

The partner of the event was SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency.

Tomaž Kostanjevec, Ph.D., director SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency

Greetings to the participants of the event

Cveto Uršič, M.Sc., state secretary at the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities


Digitalization through a comprehensive approach

Uroš Gunčar, M.Sc., director NETS d.o.o.

Uroš Gunčar M.Sc., presented digitalization through a comprehensive approach. He explained the importance and advantages of efficient digitalization and digital transformation, presented the advantage of a comprehensive picture of processes and supported the whole approach with examples.


Presentation of the new features of the DNA

Janez Gunčar, NETS d.o.o.


Since the last NETS day, we have released several new versions and a lot of improvements to our application.
Janez Gunčar presented presented new features released in the last year:

  • activity stream on the main dashboard
  • more comprehensive use of templates when working with documents
  • document content can now be a video
  • improved workflow for setting informedness on documents
  • new tool for drawing process diagrams: BPMN.iO
  • detailed log of changes
  • new questionnaire features
  • risks features


Round table – excellence and digitalization

Aleksander Zadel, Ph.D., Lucija Sajevec, Tomaž Kostanjevec, Ph.D., Uroš Gunčar, M.Sc., Nenad Šutanovac, Boris Sovič, M.Sc. (at a distance)


At the round table, which was moderated by Aleksander Zadel, Ph.D., participants talked about excellence and digitalization.




Presentation of the operation KOC AS

Aleksander Ključevšek, KOC AS/NETS d.o.o.


At KOC AS during the last year, we successfully tackled the challenges together with our partners, as it was often impossible to conduct live training due to the epidemic. Despite that we have already managed to exceed some goals, primarily by using digital tools. The project team organized 7 collective seminars – including NETS Day – which addressed the competencies that were most in demand among our partners during this period – digitalization, working conditions and compassionate communication. This year, KOC AS partners are well on their way to spending most of the allocated funds despite the epidemic.

Presentation of the method of self-assessment work according to the EFQM model and presentation of self-assessments of nursing homes

Dom upokojencev Idrija – Urška Močnik



Dom starejših občanov Krško – Nuša Masnik



Dom dr. Janka Benedika Radovljica – Alen Gril



DEOS – Dino Černivec

Miha Kranjc, director of DEOS, also connected with us via video link.


Presentation of the introduction of the ISO standard in a nursing home

Dom upokojencev Domžale – Nataša Založnik



Digitalization and the challenge in organizations that need to be solved when working with people through digital transformation processes

Aleksander Zadel, Ph.D.


Aleksander Zadel, Ph.D., explained how digitalization can affect people, how people experience change and how to introduce changes to the organization in a people-friendly and effective way. He also explained the origin of negative feelings when faced with change and a different view of the work and life of different generations.


Integration of technological documentation

Uroš Vonta, NETS d.o.o.


Uroš Vonta presented one of the key innovations in DNA namely the new features in the processes module. With this innovation, technological documentation can now be managed in a much simpler way with the help of DNA. The technological documentation consists of three documents (process diagram, control plan and FMEA analysis), which in principle need to be managed separately. In DNA, all three documents of technological documentation are covered in one DNA process. Previously, it was possible to define everyone working on a task, short instructions, risk assessments, attach any number of connections in DNA for each task … Now it is possible to also add job characteristics, devices/tools used, measurement techniques, sample size and sample check frequency, etc. required to complete the job. Versions of the process are very helpful because for a large group of products that go through the same process, we can organize processes into the main process and versions (for individual products). This allows us to list/edit the main process, after which the changes are automatically reflected in all versions of this process instead of having to manually correct each version of the process separately and by hand. This saves companies a lot of time editing technological documentation.


The awards

The awards for NETS Excellence – BASIC were received by the following companies:











The awards for NETS Excellence – ADVANCED were received by the following companies:













Recognition for company with the most widespread use of the DNA was received by the company: