DNA – description

DNA is a software package designed for IT support for management. It is meant as a central entry point into the enterprise, which integrates knowledge, organization of the company and operational management.

This application enables you to manage all activities, meetings, documents and thereby every individual (the amount of work that he or she does, what works in terms of his jurisdiction) under the proposed organizational chart.

With this program we enable traceability of the regular line of organization at work across departments or projects. From this, the overview of all the documents which are necessary for the rules of procedure, the assessment of across quality standards, can be easily adjusted (depending on which standard the company follows), and thus makes the work transparent.

Everything is connected with the processes that are nowadays the key element to see where are the bottlenecks in the enterprise, where duplication occur. Companies which are supported in such a way, have the best efficiency of its human, time potential and all potential resources for which it is necessary to provide such sources as cash.

The Company adjusts its organizational scheme, employees can be imported from your databases, you give them the rights and obligations of the use of the application, and we will train them to use the application (training is easy). The leader who is accompanying his employees through our application will be instantly familiar with all the activities that are open by an individual, who is heavily burdened with work and who too little and he can do quick changes, if he judges it to be necessary (e.g. change of job, etc.).

For the best control and management of the operational part of the company’s software solution we added in the management of the various types of actions and conduct of meetings.

For project management we have additionally upgraded the application, especially for your needs:

  • Documents containing over 1000 pages;
  • For long documents, which have several authors, where each is responsible for their own chapter (their part of the document) can be seen transparently which part is someone’s responsibility;
  • During the production of the document it is possible to provide workflow of individual sections – in the production of chapter more than one person can participate. Chapter can have different statuses: in preparation, in the review, in the validation, is completed,…;
  • For each chapter (point, perhaps linked to the text in the chapter) the possibility of comments; Commenting also requires certain status such as given, ignored, rejected, …;
  • Images edited with an HTML editor (such as in DNA, rather an advantage);
  • Document and each point is necessary versionalise, when this is likely to be taken into account between versions (for example, 1.1, 1.2.3, …) and display the differences between individual versions;
  • The document can be printed in a given moment or be exported to PDF.

To supervise work within the software package allows you to create a variety of reports, which are able to monitor various trends (import indicators from different applications), installation and monitoring of control points.

All of these modules are fully integrated with each other and allow for different examinations and integration.

The application is modular, it is possible for the client’s needs that any of the standard functionality can be adapted and integration can be implemented with existing systems.

The innovations we have made:

  • Risk management – with this, the risk can also be linked / recognize the risk on the task in processes;
  • Collection and Consideration of employees;
  • Models – a list of all of the standards demands of legislation – it is constantly enlarging;
  • Library – Management of the company library;
  • And many other to users friendlier innovations.

The advantage of our application is parallel consulting, where we allow each phase to simplify, but if your requirements are different, we are willing to adapt the application.